Basswitch Dual Band Compressor

The Basswitch Dual Band Compressor is a high-end compressor in pedal size built especially for bass instruments.
By intelligently linking parameters like attack and release, the amount of controls could be reduced whilst those parameters are dynamically adjusted to the bass-signal. So, operating this device becomes an intuitive, simple and fast act - a clear benefit for live performances.
Equipped with two fully fledged high-end compressors working in two adjustable frequency-ranges, the Basswitch Dual Band Compressor allows effective and harmonious compression of bass signals.
This includes contouring fast staccato-passages, well-defined slapping-lines and a smooth concentration of the sound.

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Basswitch Dual Band Compressor



Dual Band Compression with 2 VCA Feed-Forward Compressors

Whether a function similar to a limiter is required or only small peaks are to be be balanced out, the variable compression ratios from 1:1 up to 10:1 create the preconditions for a great variety of sounds. The blue LED shows the intensity of the compression - the harder the two VCA feed forward compressors work, the brighter it glows. The soft knee characteristics we choose allows for a soft, very subtle transition from the uncompressed to the compressed tone.


Adjustable Crossover Frequency and Threshold

Adjustable crossover frequency (250 Hz to 12 kHz) and threshold (-38 dBu to -8 dBu). This dual band flexibility allows in no time to adjust catchy settings, be it for fast staccato passages or for slapping the bass.


Flexible use on Stage and in the Studio

By intelligently linking parameters like attack and release, the amount of necessary controls has been reduced and these parameters are now dynamically adjusted to the bass-signal. So, operating this device becomes intuitive, simple and fast - a clear advantage in a live performances.


Lehle True Sound Technology

Lehle True Sound Technology combines a series of electrical design measures to insure an optimal treatment of the electrical signal of the instrument. The supplied voltage is rectified, filtered, stabilized and brought to 18V. This allows for sufficient headroom even when confronted with strong pickup power peaks. The Lehle buffers effortlessly handle signals reaching the megahertz range. At the output, the frequency bandwidth is limited to the audible frequency range to prevent HF interference. The Lehle True Sound Technology is a key element to the outstanding sonic performance of our products.


Lehle Footswitch on board

The Dual Band Compressor is equipped with a high-quality Lehle footswitch. The load exerted by the foot is absorbed by the actuator button and the housing, preserving the circuit board from mechanical stress. The design is as robust as possibly and the actuator button mounted in a special socket making for easy and silent operation. Inside the Basswitch the impulse from the pushbutton activates special gold-plated relays via discrete logic circuitry. The switching technology and the gold-plated relays in the pedal are designed to operate for up to two million switching cycles!


Buffered-Bypass or True-Bypass? Up to you!

The bypass mode of the Basswitch Dual Band Compressor can easily be changed from Buffered-Bypass, where the device acts as a totally neutral line-driver to True-Bypass, where the input and output are linked with zero losses to one another via a relay with gold-plated contacts.

Technical specifications

Size & Weight

  • Weight: 400 gr
  • Length: 14,9 cm
  • Width: 6,0 cm
  • Overall height: 4,4 cm


  • Voltage range: 9-15V AC/DC
  • Power consumption: max. 100 mA @ 9 V DC 
  • Power consumption: max. 110 mA @ 12 V DC 


Technical Details

  • Input Impedance: 2.8 MegaOhm
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohm
  • Input Gain: +/- 12 dB < 0.1 % THD, 1 kHz
  • Output Gain: +/- 28 dB
  • Maximum Input Level: +14 dBu < 1 % THD, 100 Hz
  • Maximum Output Level: +14 dBu < 1 % THD, 100 Hz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Compressor Details

  • Compressor design: feedforward
  • Compression characteristics: soft knee
  • Gain Cell: VCA
  • Compression Ratio: 1:1 to 10:1
  • Threshold Range: -38 dBu to -8 dBu
  • Crossover Frequency: 250 Hz to 12 kHz
  • Attack Time: signal dependent
  • ...Low Band: 20 ms to 40 ms
  • ...High Band: 2.5 ms to 5 ms
  • Release Time: signal dependent
  • ...Low Band: 100 ms to 200 ms
  • ...High Band: 10 ms to 20 ms


  • Bonedo
    Bonedo - 11/2016

      “With its quality of material and construction, this compressor sets standards.”
      “Also pumping effects or artifacts do not appear with this high-end compressor by Lehle. Even when used with high compression, the pedal smoothly handles transitions while delivering an organic sound at all times.”
      “I recommend every bass player who is looking for a high-end compressor pedal offering an intuitive handling, to put the Basswitch Dual Band Compressor on the shopping list.”

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  • Ovnilab
    Ovnilab - 11/2016

      “The signal fidelity and functionality are top of the class.”
      “The construction quality is excellent, absolute top marks.”
      “Compared to the […], the RMI is much better built.”

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  • Bass Quarterly
    Bass Quarterly - 11/2016
  • Soundcheck
    Soundcheck - 11/2016 Magazine Review

      “The Basswitch Dual Band Compressor is a device which sets new standards.”
      “Soundwise, the Dual Band Compressor is in a league of its own, without a flaw. I’m not talking about trivial issues like pumping or the like here. Such weaknesses it doesn’t show in the least.”
      “Once you have connected it, you wouldn’t want to be without it.”